Foam Engraving Machine

    ZX2040 Foam Cutting and Carving Machine

    EPS,Sponge,Polypropylene plastic foam material(EPP)
    2. Technical data and configure
    Working table size 2000 * 4000mm (with 9 working flange support)
    X-axis travel 2000mm
    Y-axis travel 4000mm
    Z-axis travel 100-600mm (Spindle nose to table distance)
    the file format G code
    Blank line feed rate: X axis:1- 10000mm / min,Y axis: 1-10000mm / min,Z axis: 1-6000mm / min
    Engraving speed 6m / min
    Electric spindle speed 100-24000RPM
    table structure GB A3 square tube bed
    the working voltage AC380V / 50HZ
    Workbench structure Cast iron countertops
    Drive system Japan Yaskawa servo(X, Y-axis servo power 1.3kw, Z
    Axis Servo Power 1.3KW (with brake)
    Reducer Japan's new treasure planetary reducer 1: 5/1: 8 or France Moldova reducer
    Spindle Star 7.5KW constant power, ceramic bearings
    Frequency converter Taiwan Taida 9KW
    Control system new generation system 6MA
    Ball screw Taiwan imported precision screw, Z axis ball screw structure TBI
    Linear rail on the silver linear rail 45 #
    rack Wuxi Xinyue high precision helical rack, modulus: 2
    bearing Japan NSK or Germany ESKY-6006 high-speed bearings
    Electric cabinet export forced air-cooled large cabinet
    X / Y two shafts with dust
    XY axis with dust cover, surrounded by protective board
    Lubrication system automatic lubrication pump
    Wire and cable and switching components GB (CE standard production)

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